Torah Scroll, Decorated Case, Torah Finials and a Pointer – The Magen David Synagogue in Bombay – Beginning of the 20th Century

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Torah scroll in its original case, with Torah finials and a pointer. [Iraq-India, beginning of the 20th century]. Inscriptions of dedications from 1906.
Parchment; wooden case; covered with green velvet fabric; various silver ornaments; beads; silver finials and pointer.
The dedication inscription portrays that this Torah scroll and its case originates for the Magen David synagogue of the Baghdad immigrant community in Bombay, India.
• Torah scroll. Soft brown parchment. Handsome Sephardi writing. Height of parchment: 45 cm. 51 lines per column (varies). One sheet was replaced. Spotting and wear. Partially detached sheets.
• Velvet-covered wooden case. On the inner side are two large silver plates (22.5X25.5 cm). Impressed into one is the verse "This is the Torah…", "These are the testaments, laws and statutes…", and on the other an inscription of a dedication: "This case and the Torah scroll inside belong to the elder Simcha wife of Aharon Shlomo Yechezkel David who died on the 13th of Shevat 1906".
On the exterior are two silver belts with floral adornments and two belts with dedication inscriptions. On the upper belt is a dedication identical to the one inscribed inside the case. On the lower belt is a dedication: "Dedicated to the Magen David synagogue in order that no one will be permitted to move it any place, far and near". Between the belts and on the upper part of the case are repoussé silver plates with floral decoration. The crown-like upper strip is decorated with light blue beads.
At the top of the case is a silver adornment in the shape of a flower bud flanked by a pair of original finials in Iraqi-Indian style decorated with handsome etchings in floral patterns. Two silver clasps, and the original pointer hanging from them.
Height of case: 92 cm. Tears and damages to velvet covering. Missing beads. Loose and bent silver belts. Finials: 19 cm, several chains and adornments missing, one finial is misshapen; pointer: 33.5 cm.
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