Kedem - World Class Judaica and Israeliana Auction House

Kedem offers you the opportunity to own an authentic and timeless reminder of the rich and colorful heritage of the Jewish people



Jewish & Israeli History and Culture

Kedem is the only auction house worldwide holding auctions devoted exclusively to Zionism and to the history of the Jewish people in the land of Israel and in the Diaspora.

Kedem’s Jewish & Israeli History and Culture department offers a wide range of rare and historically important items related to the Jewish people and the land of Israel – early maps and Holy Land travelogues, posters, postcards, photographs, letters and autographs, books of poetry and prose, scholarly works and bibliographies, early children’s books, and much more.

Books, Manuscripts & Rabbinical Letters

Kedem is one of the leading auction houses in the field of Jewish books and manuscripts.

Kedem’s Books, Manuscripts & Rabbinical Letters department focuses on some of the main fields of Judaica, offering incunabula, rare and important Jewish works, first editions of Chassidic books, letters and autographs of leading Rabbis and scholars, early and unknown works,  illuminated manuscripts, and more. Besides books and manuscripts, the department offers a wide range of unique Jewish items, including early Torah scrolls and Esther scrolls, amulets, Ketubot, rare documents and photographs.

Objects - Judaica, Israeliana & Numismatics

This department offers both Jewish ceremonial items and items created in Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine. The first category includes objects used in the synagogue and in the traditional Jewish home; the second category includes olive wood objects, ceramics, Bezalel artifacts, and more. The department also offers pins and badges, Jewish medals, scrips, banknotes and coins.

Objects are sometimes included, as a separate chapter, in Kedem’s Books, Manuscripts & Rabbinical Letters and Jewish & Israeli History and Culture auctions.

Israeli & International Art

Kedem’s Israeli & International Art department offers various works of art, ranging from early Bezalel works to contemporary art by leading Israeli and International artists. Art is sometimes included, as a separate chapter, in Kedem’s Jewish & Israeli History and Culture auctions.

How to Sell

We evaluate the price of an item based on our experience in selling similar items in the past and based on our knowledge of world trends in the field of collectibles. It is important to understand that the physical condition of an item and any information about its provenance and originality are factors which have significant effect on the price. Therefore, our appraisal may change after inspecting and researching the item at our office

How to Buy

An auction is not only an exciting event, it's one of the most enjoyable (and cost effective!) ways to purchase new additions to your collection.
If done correctly, participating in an auction requires planning, speed and composure. This may sound like an intimidating combination, but the truth is the Internet Age has made purchasing items at auction easier than ever before. To help ensure your successful participation in your next Kedem auction, we've compiled the following step-by-step guide to steer you through the auction buying process. Feel free to contact Kedem and we'll be delighted to assist you with the buying process and answer any questions you may have.

World Class Judaica and Israeliana Auction House

Founded in 2008, Kedem specializes in the sale of rare Jewish collectibles: classical Hebrew books ("Sifre Kodesh"), manuscripts and other items related to Jewish and Israeli history and culture. Kedem employs a team of specialists and experts, all passionate about their craft. The company is headquartered in Jerusalem with sales representatives in North America and Europe.