Auction 42 - Rare and Important Items

A Pair of Torah Finials – France

Opening: $5,000
Sold for: $12,500
Including buyer's premium
A pair of Torah finials (Rimonim) – France [after 1838].
Silver (marked with a crab hallmark, maker's signature: C:M), pierced and engraved; Golden residue; colorful glass gems; white sapphires.
Impressive massive Torah finials. The body of the finials is made of five facets with a recurrent ornament on each side: an upside-down flower (the leaves and stalk are above the flower), a blue rectangular glass gem on the upper part and a red rectangular glass gem is set at the bottom part. On the sides are two rows of white sapphires. On the base, under each side – a flower and at the bottom a row of white sapphires with an ornament of dentate leaves. On the top of the finials stands a knob and under it a crown of leaves, standing on a level decorated with vegetal ornamentation and a ring. All are standing on a round leg. Five chains are hanging down from the meeting-point of the different sides (one of the finials is missing one chain, and the other finial is missing four chains). At their tips – bells are situated. The chains are also marked with silver hallmarks.
Height: 36.5 cm. Good condition. One finial is missing four chains with bells, one hook still exists together with a single red rectangular glass gem. Some corrosion. Leg slightly damaged. Two leaves are missing in the crown. Some white sapphires are missing too. The second finial is missing one chain with a bell and a hook, along with some additional white sapphires.
Rare and Important Items
Rare and Important Items