Auction 42 - Rare and Important Items

Six Embroidered Cloth Items

Opening: $3,500
Six embroidered cloth items. Unknown manufacturer (India? England?) [second half of the 20th century].
1. An embroidered tablecloth with an inscription. Silk and synthetic cloth with silk strings. A pink tablecloth with threads at its edges. At the center of the cloth an inscription is embroidered with gray string, addressed to husband and wife, dedicated for festive celebrations (for the full inscription please see the Hebrew description). The inscription is surrounded by an embroidered frame of the colors gray, green and pink, shaped as a ribbon with vegetal ornamentations. 75x75 cm. fair-good condition, a number of tears within the folding mark at the center, small holes around the edges, moisture marks. Set in a frame.
2. Challah cover for Rosh Ha'shana. Silk embroidery on silk. In the middle of the inscription the following inscription is embroidered with red string: "A good and blessed year sweet as honey"[Hebrew], and around it some flowers are embroidered. Fringes around the edges. 65x54 cm. Good condition, yellow stains on the embroidery and the fringess, a few holes at the lining. Worn-out lining. Set in a frame.
3. Embroidered tablecloth for Rosh Ha'Shana. Silk string on silk. A pink Tablecloth with threads around the edges. An image of four baskets with flowers and a ribbon. At the center, the following inscription is embroidered with gray string: "Leshanat Tovat". 73x73 cm. Good condition, the cloth is somewhat worn out, small tears within the folding marks, spotting. Set in a frame.
4. Embroidered cloth for Rosh Ha'Shana. Velvet and silk strings. At the center "Shana Tova" in light-blue and pink. Around it a frame with geometric forms in light-
blue, pink, and yellow. 52x54 cm, good condition. Small stains, some holes and worn-out cloth. Set within a frame.
5. Matzah cover/ Passover decoration. Gray silk embroidery on blue cloth. At the center a Star of David and around it, in a circular form, the following blessing is embroidered “Al Achilat Matza” [on the eating of the Matzah]. Around the edges a vegetal embroidery. 64x63 cm. Good condition, few holes and worn-out cloth. Set in a frame.
6. Challah cover for Rosh Ha’Shana, adorned with inscriptions and vegetal decoration. At the center an embroidered Star of David (combining a yellow triangular set on top of a blue one), and at the center of the Star: the letters “D” and “E”. Around the star with blue embroidery appears the inscription: “May you be written for a good year and live to see many years amen” [Hebrew]. At the corners appear the following Hebrew words: “Tachel”, “Shana”, “U’birko”, “Teiah” (the word “U’birkoteiah”- English: “and its blessing” - is split in two to fit two corners). At the bottom the blessing of “Hamotzi” is embroidered. 48x68 cm. Good condition, few spots. Set in a frame.
According to the owners, the cloths come originally from the famous Sasson family, and it is possible that they were manufactured in one of the family’s textile factories in India or England.
Rare and Important Items