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Zichron Yehuda (Satmar) – Original and Censored Versions – Polemic Against Agudath Yisrael – First Edition – Budapest-Ujhel, 1923-1928 – Three Volumes

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Three books: two parts of Responsa Zichron Yehuda, by R. Yehuda Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar – two different printings of Part I published in 1923, and Part II printed in 1928. First editions.
Zichron Yehuda, Part I (Orach Chaim). Budapest: Katzburg Brothers, 1923. • First printing, with section 200 containing a responsum opposing joining the Agudath Yisrael (founded at that time). • Second printing, where section 200 (pp. 155-158) was replaced by a responsum on a different topic.
• Zichron Yehuda, Part II (Yoreh De'ah, Even HaEzer, Choshen Mishpat and Mahadura Tinyana of Orach Chaim). Ujhel: Eliezer Deutsch, 1928. First edition.

R. Yehuda Grünwald (1848-1920), author of Responsa Zichron Yehuda, a leading rabbi and yeshiva dean in Hungary. An outstanding Torah scholar, disciple of the Ketav Sofer. Served as rabbi of Sobotište, Bonyhád and Satmar. His yeshiva in Satmar numbered hundreds of students, many of whom later served as rabbis and dayanim in Hungary and Romania. Staunch defender of faithful Orthodox Judaism.

Part I (two copies): [7], 2-168, [6] pages. Part II: [9], 2-232 pages. Pp. 225-232 ("prenumeranten" lists) not recorded in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book.

Approx. 31-32 cm. Overall good condition. Stains and wear. Tears and worming, occasionally with slight damage to text; repaired in part with tape. First leaves of one copy of part I in fair condition (with tears, open tears and worming; detached and partially detached leaves). Leaves 149-152 of part II detached and trimmed, with damage to text. Signatures and stamps. New bindings.

Rabbis of the City of Satmar – The Zichron Yehuda and the Keren LeDavid