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Lev Aryeh – Lviv, 1898 – Copy of R. Yehuda Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar, with His Signature

Opening: $400

Lev Aryeh on Tractate Chullin, by R. Aryeh Leib of Brody Rabbi of Podhajce (1759-1818). Lviv: Chaim Rohatyn, 1898.
Copy of R. Yehuda Grünwald, later owned by his nephew and disciple R. Avraham Chanoch Friedman, rabbi and head of the Orthodox community in Satmar.
Signature of R. Yehuda Grünwald on the title page. Ownership inscriptions attesting that the book belongs to him. Inscription at the foot of leaf [2].
Other stamps, signatures and inscriptions, including stamps of R. Avraham Chanoch Friedman. Stamps and inscriptions of R. Shalom Yosef HaKohen Engelsberg (rabbi of the Hadar Yosef neighborhood in Tel Aviv); and more.

R. Yehuda Grünwald (1848-1920), author of Responsa Zichron Yehuda, a leading rabbi and yeshiva dean in Hungary. An outstanding Torah scholar, disciple of the Ketav Sofer. Served as rabbi of Sobotište, Bonyhád and Satmar. His yeshiva in Satmar numbered hundreds of students, many of whom later served as rabbis and dayanim in Hungary and Romania. Staunch defender of faithful Orthodox Judaism.
R. Avraham Chanoch Friedman (1866-1944; perished in the Holocaust), grandson of the Chatam Sofer and close disciple of R. Yehuda Grünwald; publisher of their writings. Dayan and posek of the Orthodox community in Satmar.

[2], 112 leaves. Lacking two leaves at end (leaves 113-114). Several leaves bound out of sequence (leaves 35, 55, 73, 77, 89, 99). 37 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Creases and wear. Tears, including large open tears to title page and several other leaves, with significant damage to text, repaired with paper and tape. New leather binding.

Rabbis of the City of Satmar – The Zichron Yehuda and the Keren LeDavid