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Collection of Books by R. Yehuda Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar, Author of Zichron Yehuda – Inscriptions, Signatures and Stamps

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Collection of seven books by R. Yehuda Grünwald Rabbi of Satmar, author of Zichron Yehuda, or books he brought to print. Satmar and Szinérváralja (Seini), 1908-1938.
The collection includes:
• Tehillim with the Olelot Yehuda commentary. Satmar, 1927.
• Shevet MiYehuda on the Torah portions, Parts I and II. Seini, [1928]. Two parts in two volumes. First edition. On the front endpaper of vol. I, inscription by R. Eliezer Handler, son-in-law of the publisher R. Avraham Chanoch Friedman (nephew and disciple of the author).
• Tzavaat R. Yehuda Grünwald. Seini, 1920. First edition.
• Chasdei Avot, novellae on Pirkei Avot. Seini, 1925. First edition.
• She'erit Yehuda, novellae on the Torah and festivals. Munkacs, [1938]. First edition.
• Shirat Moshe, songs for Shabbat and festivals by the Chatam Sofer, with the testament and customs of the Chatam Sofer. Satmar, 1908. Published by R. Yehuda Grünwald.
• Novellae of the Chatam Sofer on Tractate Ketubot, with hitherto unpublished responsa and section on 14 mitzvot, based on a manuscript of the author received from R. Yehuda Grünwald. Satmar, 1908.

R. Yehuda Grünwald (1848-1920), author of Responsa Zichron Yehuda, a leading rabbi and yeshiva dean in Hungary. An outstanding Torah scholar, disciple of the Ketav Sofer. Served as rabbi of Sobotište, Bonyhád and Satmar. His yeshiva in Satmar numbered hundreds of students, many of whom later served as rabbis and dayanim in Hungary and Romania. Staunch defender of faithful Orthodox Judaism.

8 volumes. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. New bindings.

Rabbis of the City of Satmar – The Zichron Yehuda and the Keren LeDavid