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Tzofnat Pa'aneach – Piotrków, 1908 – Handwritten Glosses by the Author, the Rogatchover Gaon

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Tzofnat Pa’aneach, expounding on Hilchot Terumot of the Rambam, by Rabbi Yosef Rosin Av Beit Din of Dvinsk. Piotrków, 1908. First edition (fourth volume of the series printed during the author’s life).
Five glosses in the handwriting of the author – the Rogatchover Gaon [printed in the Torah journal “Moriah”, 124, 22nd year, issue 8-9, p. 53].
The famous Torah genius Rabbi Yosef Rosin (1858-1936) – known as the Rogatchover Gaon (named after his native city Rogatchev [Rahachow]), was a Chabad-Kapust Chassid. In his youth, he studied under Rabbi Yosef Ber Soloveitchik author of Beit HaLevi together with his son Rabbi Chaim of Brisk. For 40 years, from 1889, he served as the rabbi of the Chabad Chassidic community of Dvinsk in Lithuania alongside the Av Beit Din of the city, author of the Or Sameach. An amazing and exceptional luminary, outstanding for his sharp mind and extraordinary genius, Rabbi Yosef was proficient in the knowledge of all aspects and details of the entire Torah, and was known for his novellae of definitions and deep comprehension and for his original study methods. Many stories circulate relating hisgenius and amazing diligence. He expended much effort in explaining the Rambam’s writings and wrote many halachic responsa. His responsa and novellae were published in the series of his books Tzofnat Pa’aneach. Due to the depth of his words and to his concise style of writing, several projects have been founded in the past few generations with the goal of deciphering and explaining his writings and publishing them in editions with commentaries. His legendary genius earned esteem from the general public in his generation and stirred Bialik’s well-known saying that from the mind of the Rogatchover could be carved out two Einsteins.
134 pages, [2] leaves (including a leaf of novellae by the author’s son-in-law Rabbi Yisrael Abba Tzitron, which is not listed in the Bibliography Institute CD). 30 cm. Good condition. Spotting, slight wear and several tears on the leaf margins.
Enclosed is an authorization by an expert identifying the writer.
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