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Sefer HaZohar – Mantua, 1558 – Hundreds of Glosses and Thousands of Unknown Version Corrections, in Handwriting from the Time of Printing

Opening: $2,500
Sefer HaZohar, by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Part 2, Shemot. [Mantua, 1558]. First printing of the Zohar about 90 years after the printing press was invented because the rabbis did not permit printing the Zohar. [During the printing of this edition, the Cremona printers began to print the Zohar and the last parts were printed in Cremona before they were printed in Mantua].
Hundreds of glosses by several writers (four-five) in early Oriental handwriting from the time of printing (the 16th/17th century), some glosses are characteristic of the 17th/18th centuries. The glosses contain commentaries and comments, some of the comments begin with the initials, Aleph and Shin [Amar S---]. There are also many notes of content summation on the margins of the passages [written by a deep and creative-thinking Torah scholar].
Thousands of version corrections in an ancient handwriting from the time of printing, including additions of words and entire sentences [in comparison to later editions of the Zohar, many of the corrections and additions are unknown and apparently were done according to earlier manuscripts of the Zohar and according to kabbalistic traditions received from the teachings of the Ari].
Incomplete copy, Leaves 65-201 of 269 leaves. Approximately
21 cm. Fair condition, spotting and wear. Fungus marks. Old binding.
Rare and Important Items