Auction 42 - Rare and Important Items

Two Women's Caps – Gold Thread Embroidery – Germany, 18th-19th Century

Opening: $2,000
Sold for: $2,500
Including buyer's premium
1. Woman's cap. [Germany], 18th -19th century.
Linen, silk, sequins and glass decorations, miniature leaves, gold casted.
An elegant cap, worn on the back of the head. The cap consists of two parts sewn together and embroidered symmetrically. On the rim of the hat, on yellow paper, golden fans are embroidered in gold threads. A floral pattern covers the hat, with a Star of David in the center. In the center of the Star of David is a blue painted glass and within each of the small triangles – round red glass. The flowers are composed of golden spirals, various kinds of gold threads, tiny beads, gold-like and silver-like sequins and gold-cast leaves. A golden ribbon on the rim of the cap. The cap consists of a linen lining, inner paper and a ribbon on the rim. The cap is in good condition which means it was only seldom in use.
23.5X18 cm. Good condition, old mending and several loose threads.
2. Woman's cap. [Germany/Poland]. Turn of the 19-20th century.
Different kinds of fabrics: silk, synthetic fabric, lining made of printed cotton fabric. Different kinds of threads: wound silk thread and gold and silver-like threads.
A cap to be worn on the back of the head, in the front - a pattern of a fan embroidered on yellow fabric. In addition, a floral pattern made of green and red glass-stones, gold threads, silver threads and sequins. On the rear part – three stylized flowers in a row and one flower below. On the back part – a heightened cleft and in front a yellow ribbon for tying the hat.
Height: 14.5 cm, width: 8 cm. Fair-good condition, loose silver threads on the back.
See a similar item in: Shimmering Gold, The Splendor of Gold Embroidered Textiles. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, 2007. P. 159.
Enclosed: A certificate confirming that the caps were in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Rare and Important Items