Chuppah – Rechnitz Congregation – Hungary-Austria, 1865

Opening: $5,000
Sold for: $21,250
Including buyer's premium
Embroidered Chuppah. Rechnitz congregation, Hungary (present day Austria), 1865.
Silk brocade; golden thread.
Chuppah made of purple brocade, embroidered with golden threads. In the center (the part above the couple's heads during the ceremony) an embroidered Hebrew inscription: MZ"T [Mazal Tov] in mirror writing (for an unknown reason). A round floral frame is embroidered in the shades of gold, silver and green with silver-colored sequins. The Chuppah has four corners embroidered (outwards) with a golden thread. On each corner appears a decoration or inscription: five stars, "see a life with a woman you love" (Ecclesiastes 9,9), "G-d testified between you and your wife" (Malachi, 2, 14), "donation of righteous women of Rechnitz in 1865”.
Holes in the four corners for holding the Chuppah rods; the holes are fastened with leather squares. The Chuppah has a red linen lining turning upwards. A serial number 9094i appears on the lining. The source of this number is unknown (according to the owner's report, this serial number was added in Germany during the holocaust).
Rechnitz congregation was affiliated to the orthodox "Seven Congregations" in Austria and was on the border between Austria and Hungary.
190X132 cm. Good condition, one leather corner replaced with a leather-like corner, the corners were mended several times, ink stains and sticky stains on the lining. Minor holes and some unraveled threads. The edges are detached from the Chuppah in several spots.
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