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Tractate Rosh HaShana Yoma and Ta’anit – Signatures and Erudite Glosses, Rabbi Meir Perles and Rabbis of Bloom Family

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Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Rosh HasShana, Tractate Yoma and Tractate Ta’anit. Czernowitz, 1841.
Stamps of Rabbi Moshe Nachum son of Rabbi Amram Bloom rabbinical judge and halachic authority in Grosswardein, signatures and listings by his son Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Bloom. Opposite the title page of tractate Yoma: a signature in pencil - “Meir Perles”.
Dozens of erudite glosses in earlier handwriting [similar to the handwriting of Rabbi Meir Perles Av Beit Din of Carei], and later handwritten gloss “M.N.”[Moshe Nachum].
Ga’on Rabbi Amram Bloom, author of Beit She’arim (1834-1907, prominent disciple of Ga’on Rabbi Meir Perles Av Beit Din of Carei, and disciple of Ktav Sofer and Machaneh Chaim. Served in rabbinate of Mad, in which his grandfather Rabbi Amram Chassida (who passed away in 1826 in Eretz Israel) served, and for majority of his lifetime served in rabbinate and spread Torah in the Berti-Auflau congregation. His youngest son Rabbi Moshe Nachum Bloom was born in 1883. Son-in-law of Rabbi Moses Chaim Segal Litsch Rosenbaum Av Beit Din of Kleinwardein. In 1926 was appointed judge and rabbinical authority in Grosswardein. Perished in holocaust.
Ga’on Rabbi Meir Perles (1811-1894), disciple of Chatam Sofer and of his father Ga’on Rabbi Yitzchak Moshe Perles, son-in-law and successor of Rabbi Yitzchak Frankel Av Beit Din Carei. For additional information related to him see: Chatam Sofer and his Disciples, pp. 309-310.
308 pages, [2] 78, [4] pages. 39.5 cm. Wide margins. Good-fair condition, foxing and wear. Damage with missing pieces on several leaves. Old half-leather binding.
Handwritten Glosses and Marginalia
Handwritten Glosses and Marginalia