Auction 40 - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters

Collection of Leaves for Proofreading Printed in Thessaloniki – Handwritten Glosses

Opening: $600
An interesting collection of leaves used for proofreading, printed in Thessaloniki in the 18th-19th century. The leaves were used also for the purpose of binding.
Most of the leaves are printed only on one side. Several leaves have one composition printed on each side of the leaf. Most include corrections made by hand and glosses included in their entirety in the final editions [see attached photographs for comparison]. It is possible that some of the glosses were written by the authors themselves, while they were going over the leaves before the final printing.
A list of some of the works: Sheyarei Knesset HaGedola, 1757; Yerech Avraham, 1815; Kidesh Yedid, 1814; Shalmei Chagiga (by Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Algasi), 1790; Sifrei D'Bei Rav (by Rabbi David Pardo), 1799; Ma'archei Lev (by Rabbi Refael Yosef Chazan), 1821.
30 leaves. Leaves in varying condition; good-poor. Spotting, coarse tears and moth damages.
Handwritten Glosses and Marginalia
Handwritten Glosses and Marginalia