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Sidduro shel Shabbat – First Edition – Mohyliv, 1813 – First Book by the Be'er Mayim Chaim – Stamps of Rebbe Yitzchak of Bender and Rebbe Avraham Abish Kanner of Chechiav

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Sidduro shel Shabbat, Parts I & II, kabbalistic and Chassidic teachings regarding the holiness of Shabbat, and Halachic responsa, by Rebbe Chaim of Czernowitz (Chernivtsi). Mohyliv-Podilskyi: [Tzvi Ze'ev son of David Rabinstein, 1813]. First edition.
The author, R. Chaim Thirer of Czernowitz (ca. 1740s – ca. 1813), was a Chassidic leader, disciple of the Maggid of Zlotchov, and served as rabbi of Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Botoşani, Kishinev (Chișinău) and Czernowitz. He was reputed as a holy man, and wondrous tales about him abound. According to Chassidic tradition, after his immersion before Shabbat, his form would change and he would grow taller by a handbreadth. Near the end of his life, he immigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in Safed in 1813, where he composed Shaar HaTefillah and was later buried. His fundamental works Sidduro shel Shabbat, Shaar HaTefillah and Be'er Mayim Chaim are unique for their clarity and conviction, as well as the enthusiastic Chassidic emotion which they exude. His books were distributed and published in many editions and are considered foundations of Chassidic teachings.
This book is the only one printed in the lifetime of the author, before he travelled to Eretz Israel. The book was recognized as a fundamental Chassidic work, and until this day, regular lectures are delivered based on it. Chassidim of all times had set classes on it in preparation for Shabbat, as the author writes in his preface.
This book became well-known and accepted as soon as it was published. R. Mordechai of Kremenets (son of the Maggid of Zlotchov) writes in his approbation to Shaar HaTefillah: "And he already has a reputation from his book Sidduro shel Shabbat, an awesome volume… whoever studies it enjoys it immensely". R. Yehoshua of Ostrów praised the book: "The holy words of Rabbeinu entice every single Jew to serve G-d" (Or Yekarot by R. Sh. Ch. Porush, II, 175).
On the final page, stamp of Rebbe Yitzchak of Bender (trimmed): "Yitzchak Wertheim ---".
Rebbe Yitzchak Wertheim of Bender (d. 1911), grandson of R. Aryeh Leib of Bender (Bendery), who was the brother of R. Moshe Tzvi of Savran (the family descends from the illustrious R. Shimshon Wertheimer of Vienna). Son-in-law of Rebbe Yosef of Radvil. He passed away in 1911, and three days later, his Beit Midrash burned down. His book Be'erot HaMayim was published based on his manuscript by Machon Beit Aharon VeYisrael (Jerusalem, 1998). The rebbes of the Bender dynasty were associated with the courts of the Ruzhin and Sadigura dynasties throughout the generations.
Stamps (indistinct) on the title page: "Avraham Abish Segal Kanner, here Iași" – R. Avraham Abish Kanner of Chechiav (Czchów). His father, Rebbe Yaakov Shimshon Kanner founded the Chechiav Chassidic dynasty. In 1929, R. Avraham Abish was appointed rebbe in Botoşani, later relocating to Iași. Following WWII, he immigrated to Eretz Israel and served as rebbe in Haifa.

Two parts in one volume; part I missing 6 leaves: [1], 2-12; 108; [1], 64 leaves. Lacking [5] leaves after title page of part I, with author's preface to this part, and [1] leaf at end of part I with editor's afterword and errata. Leaves 2-12, with author's preface to part II, bound at beginning of part I. Approx. 19 cm. Fair condition. Stains, including many dampstains and dark stains. Worming, affecting text. Open tears to title page of part I and to margins of many other leaves, not affecting text, repaired with paper. Several leaves supplied from a different copy (including final leaf with stamp of Rebbe Yitzchak of Bender). Stamps. New leather binding.

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