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Divrei Chaim (Sanz) on the Torah, Festivals and Tractate Bava Metzia – First Edition – Munkacs, 1877 – Stamps of Rabbi Meshulam Zusia Heshel of Krilovitz-Apta – Signatures and Inscriptions

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Divrei Chaim – Part I on the Torah, and Part II on the festivals and Tractate Bava Metzia. Munkacs: Pinkas Blayer, 1877. First edition, published by "the sons of the author". Two parts in two volumes.
Stamps of Rebbe "Meshulam Zusia Heshel of Belz" on the title page of the first volume.
Rebbe Meshulam Zusia Heshel of Krilovitz-Apta (died at a young age in ca. 1900s), only son of Rebbe Yechiel Heshel of Krilovitz-Zinkov-Apta (1843-1916). He was raised by his maternal grandfather, Rebbe Yehoshua of Belz, and remained in his grandfather's household even after his wedding to the daughter of Rebbe Eliyahu Eichenstein of Zidichov (1837-1878). He studied together with his cousin Rebbe Aharon Roke'ach of Belz, who would mention him with profuse praise (Alfasi, HaRav MiApta, p. 193). He passed away at the age of 22 in his father's lifetime, and left behind one daughter – wife of Rebbe Moshe Tzvi Twersky of Tolna (1890-1972). One of his sisters was the wife of R. Yeshaya Halberstam of Chechiav, youngest son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz.
In the second volume: various signatures and ownership inscriptions, and birth records from the 1880s-1900s.
Divrei Chaim on the Torah and festivals was published after the author's passing. In their foreword to the Torah part, the sons describe their holy father and the day of his death: "…his great holiness and piety… was well-known. He dedicated his entire life to Torah study, devoted service and great fear of Heaven from his youth… Our own eyes saw on the day of his death… that he sanctified himself like the heavenly Seraphim with yichudim and great fervor which did not cease for one moment until his soul clung to the Heavenly Light…". At the end of the foreword, they write about their father's will to publish these books: "…We, the sons of our holy father the author, have expended effort in printing this work in compliance with his command before his death to print and publish it speedily. The merit of our father should protect us and the entire Jewish People, and strengthen Torah and fear of Heaven, and we and all our Jewish brethren should be graced with an abundance of blessing and success".
In the foreword to part II, the author's sons relate that their father, the Divrei Chaim studied tractate Bava Metzia "with great concentration with a group of eminent Torah scholars for over 20 years and that he composed wonderful novellae…". They also write that their father's novellae follow both revealed and kabbalistic approaches.

Vol. I: [3], 2-84, [5] leaves. Vol. II: [2], 72; 48 leaves. 23.5 cm. Overall good condition. Dry and brittle paper. Stains and tears. Most leaves in good condition. Stamps. New leather binding.

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