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Report Card of the Student Chaim Greineman – Signed by the Steipler and the Deans of the Tiferet Tzion Yeshiva – Bnei Brak, 1936

Opening: $700

Report card of the student Chaim son of R. Shmuel Greineman. Tiferet Tzion yeshiva, Bnei Brak, Elul 1936.
In the report card, the student received the marks "excellent" in understanding, and "very good" in knowledge, diligence and conduct. The report card is signed by the members of the testing committee and the yeshiva administration: R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (the Steipler, who was also the uncle of R. Chaim Greineman), R. Avraham Yitzchak Gershonowitz and R. Yaakov Schneidman.
R. Chaim Shaul Greineman (1926-2015), nephew of the Chazon Ish, was ten and a half years old at the time the report card was written, and already then his brilliant mind and profound understanding were recognized.
[1] leaf. 25 cm. Printed leaf, completed by hand, with the stamp of the yeshiva. Good-fair condition. Wear and stains, minor damage to folds.

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