Auction 88 - Part I - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art

Tena'im – For the Betrothal of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky – Jerusalem, Iyar 1951

Opening: $8,000
Sold for: $11,250
Including buyer's premium

Handwritten Tena'im, recording the betrothal of R. Chaim Kanievsky to Rebbetzin Batsheva, daughter of R. Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. Jerusalem, Iyar 1951.
Presumably, the Tena'im were written by the bride's grandfather the Jerusalem tzaddik R. Aryeh Levin. Signed by the witnesses: "Aharon son of R. Reuven Katz" (R. Aharon Katz, son of R. Reuven Katz Rabbi and dean of the Petach Tikva yeshiva, where the groom was studying); "Yitzchak son of R. Pinchas Baruchson" (R. Yitzchak Baruchson, mashgiach of the Lomza yeshiva in Petach Tikva, previously a dean of the Or Yisrael yeshiva in Slabodka-Kovno). The guarantor on behalf of the groom was his uncle R. Meir Karelitz, while the guarantor on behalf of the bride was her uncle R. Shmuel Aharon Yudelevitz.
The match between R. Chaim Kanievsky (1928-2022) and Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky (1932-2012), eldest daughter of R. Elyashiv, was concluded upon the advice of the groom's uncle – the Chazon Ish, who attested that as a daughter of a veritable Torah scholar, she was truly suited for him.
R. Elyashiv later retold that when he consulted the Chazon Ish about the match, the latter praised the prospective groom profusely, even predicting that R. Chaim would one day be an outstanding Torah scholar renowned for his breadth of knowledge, just like the Rogatchover. When R. Elyashiv related this decades later, he added that at the time, it seemed to him that the Chazon Ish was overstating, as is customary for matchmaking, but in truth the prediction of the Chazon Ish was realized in full. The Steipler, father of R. Chaim Kanievsky, held his mechutan R. Elyashiv in high regard, and would refer to him halachic questions and names to be mentioned in prayer and for blessings. He even sent people to be blessed by his daughter-in-law Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, as a woman of holy lineage. Over the years, her great abilities were publicized, and many experienced salvations as a result of her prayers and blessings. Thousands of women flocked to Rebbetzin Batsheva, seeking her heartfelt encouragement and wise counsel.
[1] leaf. 32.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks.

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