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Printed Proclamation by Rabbi Shimon Menashe Chaikin – Dispute Over the Control of Kollel Chabad Funds – Hebron, 1888 – With Letter by Rabbi Eliyahu Mani and Rabbi Rachamim Yosef Franco – Stamps

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Double leaf (two printed pages), proclamation by R. Shimon Menashe Chaikin, rabbi of the Hebron Ashkenazic community, regarding the dispute over the control of the Kollel Chabad funds in Eretz Israel; with letter in defense of R. Chaikin by the Sephardic rabbis of Hebron – R. Eliyahu Mani and R. Chaim Rachamim Yosef Franco. Hebron, [1888].
At the foot of the leaf, official ink stamps of the three rabbis of Hebron – R. Shimon Menashe Chaikin, R. Eliyahu Mani and R. Rachamim Yosef Franco.
The present proclamation relates to the dispute which arose between Chabad Chassidim in Jerusalem and those in Hebron, regarding the allocation of the funds sent to support the Chabad settlement in Eretz Israel, and the identity of the fund trustees in Europe and in Eretz Israel.
The second page contains a copying of a letter from the Mitteler Rebbe (written ca. 1822, when the Chabad community was founded in Hebron), in which the rebbe stresses the value of settling in Hebron, and encourages his Chassidim to support the Chabad settlement in Hebron.
R. Shimon Menashe Chaikin (ca. 1802-1893), head of the Ashkenazi Beit Din in Hebron and rabbi of the Chabad community in Hebron for half a century. A prominent Chassid of the Mitteler Rebbe and of the Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch.
[1] double leaf (2 printed pages). Approx. 28.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear. Tears and open tears, repaired with paper and tape on verso. With new binding and endpapers.

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Jerusalem Safed and Hebron – Letters, Manuscripts and Documents