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Emissary Letter Issued by Kollel Chabad in Hebron – Beginning of the Chabad Settlement in the City – Hebron, 1827 – Signed by the Kollel Trustees, with Official Ink Stamp

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Manuscript – emissary letter issued by Kollel Chabad in Hebron, given to the emissary R. Yitzchak son of R. Shlomo Ashkenazi, signed by the trustees of the Chabad community in Hebron, with the stamp of the Kollel. Hebron, [Tammuz] 1827.
Square and semi-cursive (Rashi) script. Some words enlarged for emphasis.
Personal appeal letter (with a blank space for the emissary to fill in the name of the philanthropist) to be used by the emissary R. Yitzchak Ashkenazi, on his fundraising mission in Iraq on behalf the Chabad community in Hebron.
The letter concludes with the signatures of the first three trustees of Kollel Chabad in Hebron: R. Tzvi Hirsh Lipschitz, R. Efraim Yoffe and R. Moshe Meisels; alongside the ink stamp of the Kollel.
In the letter, the rabbis of Kollel Chabad in Hebron describe the difficult financial state of the Chabad community in Hebron, due both to the dearth of funds from abroad and the extortion and persecution of the Hebron rulers. They appeal to assist the emissary R. Yitzchak Ashkenazi and grant their financial support.
R. Yitzchak son of Shlomo Ashkenazi was the first emissary of Kollel Chabad in Hebron to travel to Sephardic countries.
[1] leaf. Approx. 30.5 cm. Stains and wear. Creases and marginal tears. New binding and endpapers.

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