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Migdol David / Shir Hilulim – Amsterdam, 1680-1681 – Signatures of Rabbi Shlomo of Dubno

Opening: $300
Sold for: $500
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Migdol David, commentary on Megillat Ruth, by R. David Lida. Amsterdam, [1680]. Only edition.
Bound with: Shir Hilulim, poem for the occasion of presenting a Torah scroll, by R. David Lida. Amsterdam, [1680-1681]. With separate title page.
Shir Hilulim is rare and does not appear in all copies.
On both title pages, signatures of R. Shlomo of Dubno. Additional signature on first title page.
R. Shlomo of Dubno (1739-1813), disciple of the Mirkevet HaMishneh. Renowned as an expert on the Biblical text, Masorah and grammar, he was asked by the Gaon of Vilna to clarify the accurate Masorah of the Books of Neviim and Ketuvim.
The commentary to Megillat Ruth was in fact composed by R. Chaim HaKohen of Aleppo and not by R. David Lida. R. Yaakov Emden sharply criticized the book and accused the author of plagiarism.
Migdol David: 73 leaves; Shir Hilulim: [2] leaves. Approx. 19 cm. Good condition. Stains and some wear. Old binding (non-original), spine torn.

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Early Printed Books – Mid-17th Century and 18th Century
Early Printed Books – Mid-17th Century and 18th Century