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Beit Shmuel – Dyhernfurth, 1689 – First Edition – Glosses – Signatures of R. Shlomo Bassan and R. Yoel Pincherle, Rabbis of Verona

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Beit Shmuel, on Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer, by R. Shmuel son of Uri Shraga Phoebus of Wodzisław. Dyhernfurth: R. Shabbetai Meshorer [Bass] of Prague, 1689. First edition.
On the title page, three signatures of R. Yoel Pincherle. Two of them were deleted and replaced with the signature of R. Shlomo son of R. Yisrael Bassan. At the top of the title page, inscription in Italian by R. Bassan, mentioning the city of Verona.
The book contains several glosses in Italian script, mostly trimmed, from several writers. Some of them may have been written by R. Yoel Pincherle.
R. Shlomo Bassan (1670/1680 – after 1757), a rabbi of Verona. He was presumably the son of R. Yisrael Chizkiyahu Bassan and the brother of R. Yeshayahu Bassan (teacher of the Ramchal).
R. Yoel Pincherle was a rabbi and shochet in Verona and Alessandria in the first half of the 18th century.
[1], 63, 65-80 [i.e. 70], 75-85, 87-160 leaves. Lacking leaves 71-74. Misfoliation. 30 cm. Good condition. Stains. Worming, not affecting text. Marginal tears to several leaves. Margins of one leaf trimmed with damage to text. Old binding, damaged.

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Early Printed Books – Mid-17th Century and 18th Century
Early Printed Books – Mid-17th Century and 18th Century