Manuscript, Libro de Capitoli - Book of Regulations of "Chevrat Sandekaut" - Senigallia, 1740

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Manuscript, Libro de Capitoli della Unione de Compari [Book of Regulations of Chevrat Sandekaut]. Senigallia, Italy, 1740.
Book of regulations of the "Chevrat Sandekaut" [Society of Sandeks] in Senigallia. Most of the manuscript is in Italian, with two pages and several headings in Hebrew. Following the title page is a page in Hebrew with the title: "The Importance of Sandekaut", with quotes from Shnei Luchot Habrit (Shlah) regarding the importance of this mitzvah [holding of the baby at his circumcision]. The bottom of the page is beautifully decorated. The words at the end of the text, "the sandek is akin to an altar", are emphasized with enlarged letters.
Following is an introduction in Italian with the date (in Hebrew letters): "Rosh Chodesh Nissan 1740". Handwritten on the cover: "Libro de Capitoli" (book of regulations) and the date: "1740".
At the end of the manuscript (pp. 26b-27a) are signatures (in Italian) of the members of the society, followed (p. 27b) by a document of testimony (Italian Hebrew script) which was written at the beginning of the following Hebrew year (October 1740), containing the names of the society members in Hebrew: "In our presence, the undersigned members requested our testimony to the fact that they established this organization of their free goodwill, and they have read all the ordinances in this book of regulations, and have signed their names below… [list of signatories]… Cheshvan, 1740, Senigallia".
The testimony is signed by "Yitzchak M. dell Almo" and "Menachem Vaterbi".
In Italy, as in other Ashkenazic communities, members of "Chevrat Sandekaut" would provide the expenses of the brit milah and the accompanying festive meal for those of limited means, and would serve as sandeks at the bris.
[1], 28 leaves. 20.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear. Original cardboard cover, with stains and wear.