Auction 61 - Rare and Important Items

Large Handwritten Proclamation, "Regulations for Fiancés" and Other Regulations of the Ancona Community, by R. Yosef Fiametta (Son-in-law of the Author of Shemesh Tzedaka) and by the City Rabbis - Ancona, 1691

Opening: $500
Sold for: $3,250
Including buyer's premium
Large broadside (proclamation), "Regulations for fiancés" and other regulations of the Ancona community for preventing immorality and reinforcing halachic controls, with signatures of the city's rabbis, headed by R. Yosef Fiametta, Rabbi of Ancona. [Ancona], 1691.
Large-format broadside. Square Italian script on thick paper. In the margins are copied signatures of the city's rabbi, R. Yosef son of R. Shlomo Fiametta (Rabbi of Ancona, eminent Italian Torah scholar and kabbalist. Son-in-law of R. Shimshon Morpurgo, author of Shemesh Tzedaka) and two other Rabbis of Ancona.
At the top of the leaf is a "Regulations for fiancés" - to prevent "the practices of the ignorant and unlearned which lead to thousands of thousands types of Gehinnom", that fiancés meet their fiancées in private places. The regulation prohibits such meetings, with the exception of meeting in public places and threatens those fiancés who breach this prohibition ["If we find… a fiancé who breaches this agreement… he will not be blessed with the 'Minchat Chatanim' and he will not receive a place of honor in the synagogue…"].
In the center of the leaf is another title - "Regulations of Shabbat and Yom Tov" and a list of various regulations: closing shops on Erev Shabbat in the late afternoon, ceasing all work after Kabbalat Shabbat, prohibition to warm food and drink by non-Jews on Shabbat except for the ill or for children, prohibition to leave the ghetto to buy commodities from non-Jews, prohibition for women to comb their hair on Shabbat, etc.
Further in the leaf are more regulations: prohibition to purchase grape juice without proper kashrut supervision, prohibition of mixed games not within the immediate family (with a detailed list of games: cards, dice, chess, etc.), prohibition to participate in parties at which men and women or women alone drink alcoholic beverages to inebriation; prohibition for "women of marriageable age as well as those who are engaged to be married and married women" to wear short clothing; prohibition to shave side locks with a razor, etc.
Handwritten leaf, height: 56.6 cm, width: 42.5 cm. Fair condition. Dark stains. Folding marks, with coarse tears in several places, affecting text.