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Manuscript of a Commentary on Shir HaShirim by Rabbi Avraham HaLevi Temech – C. 1530s

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A complete manuscript, commentary on Shir HaShirim, by Rabbi Avraham HaLevi ben Rabbi Yitzchak Temech. According to the revealed and hidden Torah. Early Ashkenazi writing, [c. 1530].
This composition was first printed in Sabbioneta in 1558, followed by another edition in Prague in 1611. It seems that this manuscript differs from the printed edition and has additional or missing words in some places in comparison to the printed edition.
Evidently, this manuscript was written about 30 years before the first printing since the watermarks match the paper produced in Salzburg in 1530 (according to the Briquet index no. 484).
The author, Rabbi Avraham ben Yehuda HaLevi Temech, a Spanish Torah scholar from the time of the Rishonim (died in 1393), disciple of the Ran and companion of the Rivash. We know of correspondence between him and his teacher the Ran (see attached material). In the book Ma'ase Efod, the author writes that Rabbi Temech was the leader of his generation and one of the greatest rabbis of Girona.
24 leaves, 48 written pages. Approximately 18.5 cm. High-quality, light-colored paper, good condition. Spotting, censorship erasures. Elaborate leather binding.
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