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Manuscript – Commentary on Idra Zuta by the Kabbalist Rabbi Asher ben Rabbi Yosef of Cracow – 16th-17th Century – Unprinted Composition

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Manuscript, Kabbalistic commentary on Idra Zuta of the Zohar, by Rabbi Asher ben Rabbi Yosef of Cracow.
Complete composition. Ashkenazi handwriting by several scribes from various times. Ancient writing from the 16th-17th century and replacements from later times.
At the beginning of the commentary, the author writes: "I hereby begin to explain the secret of the Idra Zuta, from which you can understand the secrets of the Idra [Raba] and G-d's secret in chapters of Sefer Teruma, and if something will be difficult for you, ask again and I will explain the matter which you find difficult once more, but I know that you are a wise man".
Rabbi Asher ben Rabbi Yosef, a Torah scholar and Kabbalist from the city of Cracow from the 16th-17th century, wrote a commentary on Kinot which were printed in Cracow in 1585 and in Lublin in 1617, and a commentary on Yotzrot according to Ashkenazi custom printed in Cracow in 1589, and a commentary on Yotzrot according to the Polish custom printed in Cracow in 1589. He also wrote Kabbalistic works as well as glosses on compositions on the Ari's kabbalah which begin with the initials ABYR = Asher ben Rabbi Yosef (see: Avivi, Kabalat Ha'Ari, pp. 508-509). He also wrote a book name Lechem Abirim on Shabbat and festivals which was lost.
This item is a complete composition written by Rabbi Asher which has never been printed. The work was copied by several writers. The watermarks on the earlier leaves are from c. 1560 from which we conclude that part of the manuscript was written during the author's life, possibly it is the earliest among the author's manuscripts.
[30] leaves. Approximately 21 cm. Overall good condition, spotting. Wear and tear to several places. New binding.
Enclosed is an authorization by Rabbi Yosef Avivi.
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