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Letter from Rebbe Yitzchak Yeshaya Halberstam – Kraków, 1931 – Good Year and Complete Recovery Wishes / Photograph of the Rebbe – Marienbad, 1930s

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Letter of good year and complete recovery wishes, with two lines handwritten and signed by Rebbe Yitzchak Yeshaya Halberstam. Kraków, Tishrei 1931.
Written on an official postcard from the Rebbe's court in Kraków, addressed to "the great rabbi… the chassid… Shlomo Gottlieb" in Tel-Aviv. The Rebbe informs him of receipt of the dollar he sent as Pidyon Nefesh and extends his warm blessings: "…and I pray… that G-d should send him His help, a complete and speedy recovery together with all infirm Jews, may the coming year be renewed upon him for good and for blessing together with all Jews, and may we hear and be informed of good tidings". Written by a scribe, with the addition of two lines handwritten and signed by the Rebbe: "The words of his friend who seeks his wellbeing with love, and blesses him with Gmar Chatima Tova, Yitzchak Yeshaya son of the pious rabbi of Sanz".
Rebbe Yitzchak Yeshaya Halberstam of Tshechov (1864-1943, perished in the Holocaust, Encyclopedia of Chassidism II, pp. 412-413) was the youngest son of Rebbe Chaim Halberstam, the Divrei Chaim of Sanz. Son-in-law of R. Yechiel Heshel of Krilovitz (Murovani Kurylivtsi), and in his second marriage, of R. Yaakov Tzvi of Parysów. His father, R. Chaim of Sanz, stated that he possesses a holy soul. He absorbed Chassidism from his older brothers: R. Yechezkel Shraga of Shinova (Sieniawa), R. Baruch of Gorlitz (Gorlice) and R. David of Chrzanów; after his marriage he settled in Belz and learned Torah from the grandfather of his wife, Rebbe Yehoshua of Belz. At the age of nineteen, he was appointed rabbi of Tshechov and was since referred to as R. Yeshayale Tshechover. From Tshechov he moved to Satmar and later established his court in Kraków. He earnt the reputation of a righteous and pious miracle worker and thousands of followers flocked to his court. Upon German invasion of Kraków, he was sent to the ghetto. After escaping to Lviv, he wandered from place to place before settling in Bochnia. The Germans searched for him, eventually locating the bunker he was hiding in and murdering all its inhabitants. According to another version, he was murdered together with R. Meir of Vielipoli (Wielopole Skrzyńskie) in the town square, both wrapped in their prayer shawls.
Official postcard with letterhead: "Yitzchak Yeshaya Halberstam, Kraków"; the Rebbe's name and address are printed in Polish on the verso. 14.5X9.5 cm. Postage stamps and postmarks. Very good condition.
Enclosed: Photograph of the Rebbe strolling in a holiday resort, together with his attendants. Marienbad (Mariánské Lázně), [ca. 1930s].
14X9 cm. Good-fair condition. Damage to the corners of the photograph.
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