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Letter from the First Rebbe of Bobov, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam – Bobov, 1904 – Blessings for a "Good and Blessed Year" and Blessings for Prosperity and Good Health

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Letter signed by Rebbe Shlomo Halberstam. Bobov (Bobowa), Tishrei 1904.
Addressed to the philanthropist R. Yeshaya Moshe Gross, with heartfelt blessings from the Rebbe: "…I hereby bless him that G-d should raise his prestige in wealth and honor, and help him see extensive blessing in his business and in all his endeavors… And may they reap only satisfaction from all their descendants, and may he and his entire family continue being completely healthy, and may only good be heard in all his matters in his home".
The letter concludes with blessings for the new year: "Who seeks his wellbeing wholeheartedly, and blesses him with a positive sealing for a good year, blessed with all good, Shlomo Halberstam".
R. Shlomo Halberstam, first Rebbe of Bobov (1847-1905) was the grandson of the Divrei Chaim, Rebbe of Sanz and of Rebbe Eliezer Horowitz of Dzikov-Ropshitz. He was orphaned in his childhood of his father, R. Meir Natan Halberstam, and was raised and educated by his two illustrious grandfathers. After his marriage with the daughter of Rebbe Yehoshua of Kaminka, he was appointed rabbi of Bukowsko at the young age of 17, and later of Ushpitzin (Oświęcim). In 1875, he was one of the grandchildren selected by R. Chaim of Sanz to publish his book Responsa Divrei Chaim. In 1878, he went to serve as rabbi of Vishnitsa, and in 1892, of Bobov, which he became renowned for. He served as Rebbe to thousands of Chassidim, particularly working on drawing youths to Chassidism, developing Bobov into a large center of thousands of young Chassidim, who transformed Galician Jewry by disseminating Torah and Chassidism. He founded a large yeshiva in Bobov, with dozens of secondary branches in surrounding cities. R. Shlomo was a leader of Orthodox Jewry in Galicia and joined the Machzikei HaDat organization (in contrast to the other rebbes of the Sanz dynasty who did not endorse this organization). His son was Rebbe Ben Tzion Halberstam, the Kedushat Tzion, father of Rebbe Shlomo Halberstam (the II), Rebbe of Bobov-USA – who established the large center of Bobov Chassidism in the United States.
His grandfather the Divrei Chaim cherished and revered him greatly, and in a halachic letter of 1871, he addresses him in terms of great honor (Responsa Divrei Chaim, Yoreh De'ah, section 32). In that responsum, his grandfather requests: "Please pray for me since I am very weak, may G-d help him with a long life… seeking the wellbeing of your Torah and awaiting to see you in peace".
[1] leaf. 21.5 cm. Thin, acidic paper. Fair condition. Stains and wear. Dark folding marks and creases. Mounted on paper for preservation.
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