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Halachic Response by Rabbi Yitzchak Ya'akov Weiss – 1957

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Halachic response letter from Rabbi Yitzchak Ya'akov Weiss, concerning injections that render poultry non-kosher. Sent to Rabbi Avraham Zvi Weishtein, Head of Shochatim in London. Manchester, Ta'anit Ester 1957. (This response was printed with slight changes in Minchat Yitzchak response, Part 2 chapter 67).
Rabbi Yitzchak Ya'akov Weiss (1902-1989), a leading halachic authority, author of the ten volumes of Minchat Yitzchak Responsum. Rabbi of Grosswardein and Manchester communities. Moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1970 to serve as Rebbe of the Eda Hacharedit in Jerusalem.
Receipient of the letter: Rabbi Avraham Zvi Weinshtein Av-Beit-Din Liskova near Kovna, and after World War II head of shochatim in London. Author of "Sha'arei Ha-Mitzvot" (London 1954).