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Manuscript Kelalim MiMaha"ri Elgazi on Even Ha-Ezer – Unprinted Essay

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Manuscript, collection of laws in alphabetical order, Tur Even Ha-Ezer. Copied from manuscript by Maha"ri Elgazi [after 1796]. Probably unknown manuscript that was never printed.
It seems that this was copied from writings by Maha"ri Elgazi in his copy of the Shulchan Aruch.
Under the letter "Lamed", it says "From Rabbi Mordechai Ha-Levi, emissary from from Jerusalem, who honored us with his visit in 1796, known as Rabbi Hameli"tz".
[ Rabbi Hameli"tz was on mission from Jerusalem in Italy during 1793-1795. We did not find where he was in Adar 1796. In "Shluchei Eretz Yisrael" by A. Ya'ari p. 552, it is assumd that on the way back from that journey, he crossed Turkey. It is therefore possible that the manuscript was copied there from manuscripts held by Rabbi Hameli"tz].
Kabbalist Rabbi Yisrael Ya'akov Elgazi (1680-1756, Otzar Harabbanim12226) born in Izmir to his father Rabbi Yom Tov. Came to Jerusalem before 1737. One of the heads of the Beit El Kabbalist Yeshivah at the time of Rabbi Gedalyah Hayon and the Rasha"sh. From 1755 served as Rishon Le-Tzion and Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Of his books: Shalmei Tsibur, Shema Ya'akov, Ar'ah De-Rabanan and others. Author of the book "Hemdat Yamim".
Of his disciples are the Hid"a and his own son Maha"rit Elgazi.
Rabbi Mordechai Ha-Levi – Harav Hameli"tz, one of the most important sages of his generation, was appointed in 1805 as Rishon le-Tzion, and died in Constantinople in 1807. (See enclosed material).
30 pages, 21.5 cm. Poor condition, moth and mold damaged (omission of text only in last pages).