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Yismach Moshe – First Edition - Lviv, 1848-1861– Complete Set in Five Volumes ?Yismach Moshe on the Torah – Chassidic and kabbalistic homiletics following the order of the weekly Torah portions, by R. Moshe Teitelbaum Rabbi of Ujhel (Sátoraljaújhely). Parts I-V, on the Books of Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar and Devarim. Lviv, 1848-1861. Set in five volumes. First edition of all five parts, with a separate title page for each part.

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The Yismach Moshe series was prepared for print by the author's grandson and close disciple, Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet, author of Yitav Lev, and his glosses and additions, introduced with the words "so said the editor", are included in several places.
In the Bereshit volume: Stamps of R. "Yehuda Leibush Fränkel, rabbi of Botoshan, grandson of R. Yosef Aharon of Bucecea" – Rebbe Yehuda Aryeh Leibush Fränkel of Botoshan (Botoșani; 1885-1917), descendant of the Baal Shem Tov and of R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, third rebbe in the Bucecea-Botoshan dynasty. Served as rabbi of Botoshan from 1907.
Signatures of R. Chaim Festinger in Shemot part. Various inscriptions and signatures on title page of Bamidbar: "Eliezer Kahana of Szálka ", "Moshe Stern", "Shmuel son of R. Yitzchak, rabbi of ..."; and more.

• Vol. I (Bereshit – 1848): [1], 117 leaves.
• Vol. II (Shemot – 1850): [1], 2-90 leaves.
• Vol. III (Vayikra – 1851): [1], 2-42 leaves.
• Vol. IV (Bamidbar – 1861): [1], 49 leaves.
• Vol. V (Devarim – 1861): [4], 5-72, [1] leaves.

Approx. 21.5-23.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, including large dampstains and dark stains. Creases and wear. Worming affecting text, repaired in part with paper. Tears, including open tears affecting text, repaired in part with paper and tape. Marginal paper repairs to title page of Bereshit, with text replacement. Paper repair on verso of Bamidbar title page. Leaves trimmed unevenly (affecting headings and page numerals in several places). Inscriptions and stamps. Title page and final leaf of Devarim vol. detached (supplied from a different copy). New bindings.

The Yismach Moshe, Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum Rabbi of Ujhel (1759-1841) was an illustrious Chassidic leader in Hungary and Galicia and progenitor of the Sighet and Satmar Chassidic dynasties. An outstanding Torah scholar and G-dly kabbalist, well versed in all facets of Torah, revealed as well as hidden. During his lifetime he was renowned as a holy G-dly man and a wonder-worker benefiting from Divine Inspiration. He first served as rabbi of Shinova (Sieniawa) from 1785-1808, and in 1808, was appointed rabbi of Ujhel (Sátoraljaújhely) and the region. At first, R. Moshe was an opponent of Chassidut, and in his youth, he travelled to Vilna to study Torah from the Gaon of Vilna. Over the years, R. Moshe gravitated towards Chassidut, influenced by his son-in-law R. Aryeh Leib Lifshitz of Vishnitsa, author of Responsa Aryeh D'Vei Ila'i, who convinced him to travel to the Chozeh of Lublin. There, R. Moshe saw revelations of Divine Inspiration, and became the Chozeh's close disciple, adhering to Chassidut and disseminating its doctrines. He also travelled to the Ohev Yisrael of Apta. From 1815, R. Moshe began distributing amulets to those requiring salvation and "the pen cannot properly describe the wonders performed by those amulets". Reputedly, he deliberated whether to continue writing amulets until he heard a pronouncement from Heaven: "Do not fear for I am with you" (Tehillah LeMoshe). Until this day, most of the texts of amulets and "protections" in Ashkenazi countries are attributed to the Yismach Moshe, including the printed text of the "Protection for the infant and the mother" and "Protection from epidemic". The text of the renowned Kerestir amulets, inscribed by Chassidic rebbes for safeguarding home and property, also originates from him.

The Yitav Lev, His Son the Kedushat Yom tov and His Garnadson the Atzei Chaim
The Yitav Lev, His Son the Kedushat Yom tov and His Garnadson the Atzei Chaim