Volume of Manuscripts – The Ibn Tzur Family and Other Moroccan Torah Scholars – 19th Century

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Volume comprising manuscripts by Moroccan Torah scholars, including letters of Torah thoughts, novellae, piyyutim, Hashbaot, segulot, and more. [Morocco, ca. 19th century].
The volume comes from the Ibn Tzur rabbinic family, whose members served as rabbis in Fez. Stamps of R. Shlomo ibn Tzur and R. Rafael ibn Tzur at the beginning of the manuscript.
The volume comprises leaves in different hands. It includes original letters sent to R. Rafael ibn Tzur (presumably R. Rafael ibn Tzur [the last], rabbi of Fez, 1830-1917), as well as Hashbaot and protections for "dream questions", segulot and texts of amulets, kavanot for prayers to be accepted, novellae on verses, homiletics and allusions, and more. The first part of the volume contains selected laws, customs and reasons for the festivals.
Some of the leaves are signed by Moroccan Torah scholars. These include: two letters addressed to "HaMal'ach Rafael" (R. Rafael Ibn Tzur), signed "Yedidya" (presumably R. Yedidya Monsonego [the second], author of Devar Emet, 1799-1868); several letters from R. Eliyahu Otmezgin (whose signature also appears on several other leaves); halachic responsum signed by R. Yosef Attia; a Torah teaching signed by R. Avraham HaKohen Skali (d. 1871]; poem signed by R. Avraham ibn David VeYosef; legal document from 1834 regarding grinding wheat (trimmed signature: "Nechemia…"); and more.
The other handwritings were not identified. Signature of R. Rafael ibn Tzur at the top of one leaf (containing a "dream question"). Some of the leaves may have been written by R. Rafael ibn Tzur himself, or by other Torah scholars in his family.

[144] leaves. Size varies (most leaves approx. 11-12 cm). Fair-good condition. Stains. Tears, worming and wear. Damage to text in several places. Old leather binding, damaged.