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Toldot Adam (Tolcsva, Father-in-Law of the Yitav Lev) – Brooklyn, 1969 – With Printed Letter from the Publisher Rebbe Aharon Teitelbaum

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Toldot Adam, novellae on Talmudic topics, by R. Moshe David Ashkenazi Rabbi of Tolcsva and Safed, father-in-law of the Yitav Lev. [Brooklyn]: Gross brothers, 1969. Photocopy edition of Jerusalem 1845 edition.
Enclosed with the book is a letter printed on the official stationery of the publisher Rebbe Aharon Teitelbaum, with blessings for the buyers.
The publisher, R. Aharon Teitelbaum, current rebbe of Satmar (b. 1948), eldest son of the Berach Moshe and son-in-law of the Yeshuot Moshe of Vizhnitz. In his youth, he frequented the court of his uncle Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar, and absorbed his views. After the passing of his father in 2006, the Satmar community split in two – R. Aharon serves as rebbe in Kiryat Yoel, Monroe, while his younger brother R. Yekutiel Yehuda (Zalman Leib) serves as rebbe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
The author, R. Moshe David Ashkenazi, Rabbi of Tolcsva and Safed (1774-1856), author of Toldot Adam and Be'er Sheva, was the father-in-law of the Yitav Lev of Sighet and father of R. Yoel Ashkenazi Rabbi of Zlotchov. At a young age he was appointed Rabbi of Tolcsva, a position he held for forty years. He moved to Safed in 1844 and was one of the founders of the Chassidic community in post-earthquake Safed. A short while after his immigration to Eretz Israel, he printed his book "Toldot Adam". His home and Beit Midrash in Safed house the Sanz institutions in the city.

[3], 142, [1] leaves + [1] leaf (letter) and envelope enclosed. Approx. 28 cm. Good condition. Minor stains. Original binding, slightly worn. Marginal stains, wear and tears to enclosed letter.

The Yitav Lev, His Son the Kedushat Yom tov and His Garnadson the Atzei Chaim