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Responsa Aryeh DeVei Ila'i and Chiddushei Aryeh DeVei Ila'i – First Editions – Premishla, 1874-1880

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Two books of the teachings of R. Aryeh Leibush Lipschitz Rabbi of Vishnitsa (Nowy Wiśnicz) and the region (son-in-law of the Yismach Moshe of Ujhel) – first editions:
• Responsa Aryeh DeVei Ila'i, on the four parts of Shulchan Aruch. Premishla (Przemyśl): Chaim Aharon Zupnik and Chaim Knoller, 1874.
• Chiddushei Aryeh DeVei Ila'i, on five tractates (Kiddushin, Yoma, Menachot, Kinnim and Niddah). Premishla: Chaim Aharon Zupnik and Chaim Knoller, 1880.

Responsa Aryeh DeVei Ila'i: [2], 152, [6] leaves. 35 cm. Chiddushei Aryeh DeVei Ila'i: [3], 30; 42, [3] leaves. Leaves 1 and 23 of second sequence bound out of order. 31.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and minor wear. Minor marginal tears to some leaves, repaired in part with paper and tape. Stamps.

The Yitav Lev, His Son the Kedushat Yom tov and His Garnadson the Atzei Chaim