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Signature of Rabbi Meir of Kałuszyn on the Book Beit Efraim

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Beit Efraim responsa, Volume Orach Chaim and Volume Choshen Mishpat. By Rabbi Efraim Zalman Margaliot. Warsaw, 1883.
Many stamps of Rebbe "Rabbi Meir Shalom Rabinowitz". On the title page of the Orach Chaim volume is his signature: "Meir Shalom of Garwolin" and ownership inscriptions "Rebbe of Kałuszyn, formerly from Parysów and Garwolin", handwritten with signatures of his son Rebbe "Shmuel Mordechai" of Połaniec.
Rebbe Meir Shalom Rabinowitz of Kałuszyn (died 1903), grandson of the "Yehudi HaKadosh". Son of Rebbe Yehoshua Asher Rabinowitz of Parysów and son-in-law of his brother Rabbi Ya'akov Zvi of Parysów. Disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Menshkiz and Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga of Sieniawa. Served as rabbi of Parysów, Garwolin and Kałuszyn. From 1889, he also served as rebbe and thousands of Chassidim thronged to his court. He was primarily renowned for his wonders and his ability to see hidden things by means of Ruach HaKodesh. (He himself would tell of wonderful revelations he had seen while he was yet a young man). Authored Nahar Shalom on the Torah. His history and ways of conduct were printed in the book Derech Tsaddikim, Petrikov, 1912.
His son Rebbe Shmuel Mordechai Rabinowitz (died 1939), succeeded his father as rebbe in the city of Kałuszyn and later, his Chassidim established his Beit Midrash in the city of Połaniec.
Two volumes: 5, 116 leaves; [1], 4, 109 leaves. 30 cm. Brittle paper, fair condition, wear and tears. Stains and use marks. New bindings.
Chassidism – Manuscripts and Glosses, Signatures and Dedications
Chassidism – Manuscripts and Glosses, Signatures and Dedications