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Siddur Tefillah L'Moshe and Or HaYashar with Kabbalistic Kavanot – Przemyśl, 1892 – Copy of Rebbe Moshe Panet of Dej

Opening: $2,500
Siddur according to Sefardic custom, with Tefillah L'Moshe commentary by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero (the Ramak), with the siddur Or HaYashar by Rabbi Meir Poppers, and with the book Derech HaChaim by Rabbi Ya'akov of Lissa. Przemyśl, 1892.
With commentary and detailed kabbalistic kavanot on the version of the prayers. Two parts (separate title page for Part 2). Part 1, prayers for weekdays and for Shabbat. Part 2, mussaf prayers of Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh, Haggada, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur prayers (amidot), Seder Tiki'ot and Seder Ha'avodah, Hosha'anot (with a short commentary), the Yichud, Selichot for Bahab and for fastdays and Yotzrot for the four parshiot.
On the flyleaf preceding the title page is a handwritten inscription by Rabbi Baruch Avraham Bindiger, son-in-law of Rabbi Moshe Panet Av Beit Din of Dej: "I have received this holy siddur from my holy…father-in-law, [Rabbi Moshe Panet] during the month of Kislev in the year – and I pray from it almost every day. It should be His will that its merit should protect me and I should succeed in all my endeavors. Baruch Avraham son-in- law of the holy Rebbe”. [Romanian] stamp: Bindiger Ábrahám – Dés.
Rebbe Moshe Panet (1843-1904, Encyclopedia L’Chassidut Vol 3, p. 296), the third rebbe of the Dej dynasty, son of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Panet of Dej and grandson of the Rebbe author of Mareh Yechezkel was appointed at a young age as rabbi of the village of Urişor and after his marriage he served as Rabbi of Nimisha. In 1885, he succeeded his father as Av Beit Din and Rebbe of Dej and served as head of Kollel Ahavat Zion – Zibnbergen in Eretz Israel. In his times, the Dej Chassidism greatly expanded and it counted thousands of Chassidim. The rebbe was renowned for his holiness and piety and was famous for his patience and compassion for each and every disconsolate forlorn person. There were times that he would write 400 kvitlach daily and many people were helped by his prayers and wonders. His son was Rebbe Yechezkel Panet of Dej, author of Knesset Yisrael.
[6], 2-432, 8; [1], 48, [3] leaves. (Missing 2 leaves of approbations and Leaf 1 from the first pagination). 23 cm. Fair condition. Worm damages, detached leaves. Spotting, wear and tears. Damaged detached binding.
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