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Shlomo Yudovin – Oil Painting – Menorah and Deer, 1924

Opening: $2,000
Sold for: $2,500
Including buyer's premium
Shlomo Yudovin, oil painting on canvas. Russia (?), 1924.
In the center of this painting, in grisaille technique (shades of grey), a three-legged Menorah decorated with flowers and heraldic deer. In the background a wooden grille with spiral pillars. This theme is known from images on grave stones and from Russian or East European papercuts.
On the reverse-inner side of the painted canvas appears a handwritten word in Hebrew – not clear – "קבלה" or "קכלח" and twice the letter "ה". In addition, an inscription in Russian, "copy of a wall painting in a museum in Berlin January 25, 1923”.
The artist Shlomo Yudovin (1892-1954), specialized in graphic design and photography and was known for the Jewish folkloristic motifs integrated into his art. Yudovin was the photographer and illustrator of the ethnographic expedition of S. An-Sky between 1912-1914. In 1920 was appointed as curator of the "Leningrad Museum of Jewish Art" collections. At the same year he published in Yiddish his book "Jewish Folk Ornament".
30X48 cm. Good condition. Framed.
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