Sheyarei Knesset HaGedolah – Handwritten Glosses of Rabbi Yaakov Emden

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Sheyarei Knesset HaGedolah, Orach Chaim, by R. Chaim Benveniste. Constantinople, [1729]. Second edition.
Copy of R. Yaakov Emden – the Yaavetz. Many glosses in his handwriting, some long and scholarly, often containing sharp and outspoken criticism: "…This makes no sense…", "This is not difficult because…", "I do not know what possessed him, it seems that he was confused", etc. Some glosses were slightly trimmed in the process of trimming the margins.
Similarities to some of the content of these glosses can be found in his book Mor U'Ketzia [expanded and with variations, for example see: Mor U'Ketzia, Orach Chaim, end of Siman 10; end of Siman 271; Siman 487; etc. However, this book contains a long gloss, in Siman 489, the content of which is not printed in Mor U'Ketzia].
R. Yaakov Yisrael Emden – the Yaavetz (1698-1776), eldest son of R. Tzvi Ashkenazi, author of Chacham Tzvi. An exceptional Torah scholar in all facets of Torah, a leading sage in those years who boasted many outstanding scholars. He is considered one of the most prominent sages of the later generations. Famous zealot, he staunchly fought the followers of Sabbatai Zevi and the Frankists (upon suspecting that Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz joined the Sabbateans, he did not hesitate to open a fierce battle against a famous accepted Torah scholar and pamphlets supporting and opposing R. Jonathan shook the entire Jewish population in those days). The Yaavetz wrote dozens of compositions, which he himself printed in the private printing press he established in his home in Altona. His halachic works, Mor U'Ketzia and Responsa She'elat Yaavetz, his rulings in the siddur Amudei Shamayim and his composition Lechem Shamayim on the Mishnah are often cited in books of rabbinic rulings. While studying, R. Yaakov was accustomed to writing sharp profound glosses in his books. The glosses he wrote on the pages of his Talmud were printed in the Vilna editions of the Talmud.
[2], 143; 7 leaves. 31 cm. High-quality paper. Good condition. Stains. Dark dampstains on leaves 87-88. Worming to several leaves. New, elegant, leather binding.
Famous Torah Luminaries - 16th-19th Centuries - Manuscripts, Letters and Signatures
Famous Torah Luminaries - 16th-19th Centuries - Manuscripts, Letters and Signatures