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Sefer Rav Mordechai – Krakow, 1598

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Sefer Rav Mordechai (Rhenish), rulings and Ashkenazic customs arranged according to the order of the Talmudic tractates, by R. Mordechai ben Hillel HaKohen. Krakow: Isaac ben Aaron of Prostitz, [1598].
Volume IV from the Rav Alfas edition printed in the Prostitz printing house in Krakow in 1597-98. With glosses and rulings from R. Menachem David ben Yitzchak of Tiktin (Tykocin).
The note "Rhenish", which appears on the title page in parenthesis, serves to differentiate this version from the "Austrian" one (there are significant textual differences between the two versions).
Several glosses (mostly brief), in Ashkenazi script, from the time of printing.
Many ownership inscriptions (some deleted). Among them: "Shlomo son of Meir Heilprin"; "El[ya]kim son of Mordechai… Chalfan[?]"; "Moshe son of Itzik HaLevi".
116, 118-191 leaves. Misfoliation; several leaves bound out of sequence. 36.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Traces of past dampness and heavy dampstains. Wear. Worming, affecting text. Inscriptions. Damaged, early wood and leather binding, with remnants of clasps.

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