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Jerusalem Talmud, Order Kodashim (Forged) – Both Parts – Seini, 1906-1909

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Jerusalem Talmud (forged) – Order Kodashim, with the Cheshek Shlomo commentary, published by Shlomo Yehudah Friedlander. Part I: Zevachim and Arachin, Part II: Chullin and Bechorot. Szinérváralja (Seini), [1906]-1909.
The Jerusalem Talmud on Order Kodashim was lost during the time of the Rishonim and was never printed. In the early 20th century, one Shlomo Friedlander copied all the citations from the Jerusalem Talmud on Order Kodashim he found in the works of the Rishonim, skillfully combining them with passages from the other Orders of the Jerusalem Talmud, and claimed that he had discovered an ancient manuscript of the lost Jerusalem Talmud.
Friedlander's forgery was at first a great success. Many rabbis and researchers believed the work to be authentic, however others realized that the work was a forgery and publicized their findings. After the forgery was confirmed, most copies were buried.
Two volumes. Vol. I (Zevachim and Arachin): [8], 100 leaves. Vol. II (Chullin and Bechorot): [9], 78; [1], 47 leaves. Lacking general title page of vol. II. 34.5-35.5 cm. Dry, brittle paper. Overall good-fair condition. Stains. Tears, including tear to title page of vol. II, affecting text. Worming. Printing defect to one leaf of vol. I, with loss to a large part of text. Detached leaves in vol. I. Old bindings, damaged (front board of vol. I. detached; spine lacking). Stamps and bookplate of the writer Alter Druyanow in vol. I.

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Talmud and Rif, Mishnayot and Pirkei Avot