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Responsa of the Rashba (Attributed to the Ramban) – Venice, 1519 – First Edition – Printed by Daniel Bomberg

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Responsa of R. Moshe son of Nachman. Venice: [Daniel Bomberg, 1519]. First edition.
Collection of responsa by R. Shlomo ben Aderet (the Rashba), mistakenly attributed to the Ramban. The attribution of the book to the Ramban stems from the fact that section 284 includes a responsum from the Ramban to Rabbenu Yonah. It is however the only responsum in this book actually composed by the Ramban, and the rest of the book is from the Rashba (see preface of R. Yosef Karo to his book Beit Yosef, where he relates to this book as the responsa of the Rashba, noting that the responsa are referred to at the beginning as the responsa of the Ramban).
Signature on the title page in Italian script: "Yochanan son of R. Yitzchak of Fano… 1603" (partially deleted); "Mine, Moshe son of David Fano".
Other signatures on the title page and following leaf: "Avraham Abocara" – presumably the signatures of R. Avraham Abocara (d. 1880), Tunisian Torah scholar, dayan and kabbalist, author of Ben Avraham (Livorno, 1882).
On the verso of the title page, handwritten inscription regarding the false attribution of the book to the Ramban.

[94] leaves. 24 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, including dampstains. Worming affecting text, repaired in part with paper. Marginal paper repairs to several leaves. One gathering loose. New leather binding.

Habermann, The Printer Daniel Bomberg, no. 10.

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