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R. Tucazinsky – Large Collection of Calendars with Laws and Customs, Compiled by Rabbi Yechiel Michel Tucazinsky – For the Years 5667-5719 – Most of the Calendars Published by R. Tucazinsky in His Lifetime, Over Fifty Years

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Large collection of 63 booklets, calendars with laws and customs, compiled by R. Yechiel Michel Tucazinsky, for the years 5667-5719. The collection includes most the calendars published by R. Tucazinsky in his lifetime.
• Luach LeEretz Israel, synagogue laws and customs (for Eretz Israel), compiled by R. Yechiel Michel Tucazinsky, with comments by the Aderet and Jerusalem Torah leaders. For the years: 5667-5669, 5671-5716, 5718-5719. Jerusalem: J.N. Levy and Partners; I.D. Frumkin; Salomon Brothers, [1906-1958].
• Calendar, with synagogue laws and customs and other year-round laws and customs, for the Diaspora, with halachic times for the New York time zone, for the years: 5692-5696, 5700-5701, 5705-5708. Jerusalem: Salomon, [1931-1947].
• Tekufat HaChamah UBirkata, for 5685, by R. Yechiel Michel Tucazinsky. Jerusalem: Salomon, [1924].

R. Yechiel Michel Tucazinsky (1871-1955), dean of the Etz Chaim yeshiva. He authored many halachic books and essays. One of his main enterprises was the Luach LeEretz Israel, a calendar based on the customs of the Perushim communities of disciples of the Gaon of Vilna, with the addition of halachic rulings from contemporary Jerusalem Torah leaders. These calendars are also prominent for the halachic times established by R. Yechiel Michel based on his halachic conclusions and thousands of days of observation and calculations.
63 volumes. Size and condition vary. All booklets with new bindings. The booklets were not thoroughly examined, and are being sold as is.

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Jerusalem and Eretz Israel – Letters, Documents and Printed Items