Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Collection of Letters from Rabbi Benzion Yadler, Maggid of Jerusalem

Opening: $300
Sold for: $400
Including buyer's premium

Collection of letters from R. Benzion Yadler. Jerusalem, ca. 1947-1962.
Nine letters written by a scribe and signed by R. Benzion Yadler. Addressed to R. Shabtai Yagel, dean of the Slonim yeshiva in Ramat Gan, and to his son R. Avraham Yagel – good year wishes and appeal for financial assistance with his medical fees in his old age (in the later letters, his signature is somewhat indistinct, due to his old age).
Enclosed: a letter in his name, written on his stationery in 1947, and a typewritten leaf from R. Benzion, with a handwritten copying of letters from rabbis recommending to support him.
The Maggid of Jerusalem, R. Benzion Yadler (1872-1962), leading Jerusalem Torah scholar. Travelled around the country to strengthen Torah observance, especially the observance of the commandments pertaining to the land; and to encourage the establishment of Torah schools.

11 letters and postcards, including nine signed letters. Size varies. Overall good condition.

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Jerusalem and Eretz Israel – Letters, Documents and Printed Items