Auction 93 Part 1 - Manuscripts, Prints and Engravings, Objects and Facsimiles, from the Gross Family Collection, and Private Collections

Portrait of Rabbi Meshulam Zalman HaKohen of Fürth, Early 19th Century

Opening: $400
Sold for: $1,500
Including buyer's premium

Portrait of R. Meshulam Zalman HaKohen of Fürth. Lithograph by an unidentified artist (signed: Herr? Herz?). [Fürth?, early 19th century].
Hebrew caption beneath the portrait: "Portrait of the renowned rabbi, R. Meshulam Zalman HaKohen, rabbi and dean of Fürth", followed by a German caption: "Sal. Kohn Ober Rabbiner zu Fürth".
R. Meshulam Zalman HaKohen (1739–1820), rabbi and dean of Fürth, was a Torah leader in his times and a renowned Tzadik, prominent disciple of R. Yehonatan Eybeschutz. He authored Responsa and Novellae of the Maharzach – Bigdei Kehunah, Mish'an HaMayim and more.

Approx. 26X20 cm. Fair condition. Several open tears, professionally restored. Some stains. Mounted on acid–free paper.

Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, 112.011.041.

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