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Portrait of R. Asher Ginzburg–Wallerstein Rabbi of Karlsruhe (Son of the Shaagat Aryeh), 19th Century

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Portrait of R. Asher Leib Ginzburg–Wallerstein. Lithograph by Simon fils. à Strasbg. [Frédéric–Émile Simon], [Strasbourg, ca. 1820].
Hebrew caption beneath the portrait (with some errors): "Portrait of R. Asher, rabbi of Karslruhe and the region: son of the leader of the entire Diaspora, R. Aryeh author of Shaagat Aryeh and Turei Even"; German caption follows.

R. Asher Ginzburg–Wallerstein (1754–1837), rabbi of Wallerstein and Karlsruhe, a Torah leader in his times. Already in his youth, he exchanged extensive halachic correspondence with contemporary Torah giants, such as the Noda BiYehuda, the Haflaah, and the Or Chadash. Youngest son of the Shaagat Aryeh (1695–1785), and his leading disciple in the Metz yeshiva. He lectured in the Metz yeshiva and later in the Niederwerrn yeshiva. After the passing of his father the Shaagat Aryeh, the members of the Metz community implored him to succeed his father as rabbi of Metz, yet he adamantly refused. In ca. 1788, he was appointed rabbi of Wallerstein, serving for 25 years as rabbi of the region. In 1819, he went to serve as rabbi of Karlsruhe, and chief rabbi of the state of Baden.

42.5X30 cm. Overall good condition. Wide margins. Creases. Some tears repaired with tape on verso. Some stains.

Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, 112.011.058.

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