Auction 88 - Part I - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art

ollection of Printed Leaves from Early Illustrated Haggadot and Other Books

Opening: $500
Sold for: $1,500
Including buyer's premium

Large collection of printed leaves from various editions of illustrated Haggadot, with several leaves from other books (including leaf from Passover Haggadah, Mantua 1560; leaf from Tractate Yevamot, Pesaro 1509; leaf of Mishnayot, Sabbioneta 1559).
Some 140 leaves and leaf fragments from the following Haggadot (or from Haggadot with similar illustrations and layout):
• Illustrated Passover Haggadah in Hebrew and "Lashon Ashkenazim" (see item previous item), with the Tzeli Esh commentary. Venice, [1716]. Some illustrations hand-colored. • Illustrated Passover Haggadah in Hebrew and Judeo-Italian. Venice, 1663. (Leaves from two copies?). • Illustrated Passover Haggadah, with Ladino translation. [Venice, 1740?]. Without first two leaves. • Illustrated Passover Haggadah, with the Abarbanel commentary. Amsterdam: Solomon Proops, [1712]. All the leaves, including both title pages, without folded map.
Several additional leaves:
• Single leaf, from Passover Haggadah, Mantua 1560, with the Psalms of Hallel (many open tears).
• Single leaf from Tractate Yevamot, [Pesaro]: Soncino, [1509]. Leaf [112], comprising text appearing in regular editions on pp. 86b-87b.
• Final leaf from Mishnayot with commentaries of the Rambam and R. Ovadia of Bartenura, Order Zera'im. Sabbioneta, 1559. With printer's device.
Approx. 140 leaves. Size and condition vary. Many dark stains, extensive wear and many open tears affecting text and illustrations. Worming.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.

Siddurim and Prayer Books
Siddurim and Prayer Books