Auction 93 Part 2 - Ancient Books, Chassidic and Kabbalistic Books, Manuscripts and Letters

Nachal Eshkol – Dubno, 1809 – By Rabbi Chaim Ozer HaKohen (Torah Scholar in the Brody Kloiz) – With Torah Thoughts Heard from Chassidic Leaders

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Nachal Eshkol on the Torah portions, by R. Chaim Ozer HaKohen of Kremenets and Brody. "Brno" [Dubno, 1809]. Only edition.
The author, R. Chaim Ozer HaKohen (1760? – ca. 1820-1830), a Torah scholar of the Brody Kloiz. Lectured in the synagogues and Batei Midrash of Brody for decades.
The book quotes many Torah thoughts heard from Chassidic leaders such as the Baal Shem Tov, the Maggid of Mezeritch, R. Pinchas of Korets, and many others.
Stamp on the title page.

[4], 8, 8-16, [1], 20-30, [1], 32-39, 42-66; [1], 68-98 leaves. Lacking 2 leaves in middle: 40-41. 22.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Extensive wear, open tears and worming, affecting text of first leaves and other leaves (repaired with paper). Stamps and inscriptions. New leather binding.

Variant, with false imprint for Brno.

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