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Mishnat Chachamim – By Rabbi Meshulam Feivish of Kremenets, Father-in-Law of Rabbi Avraham HaMalach, and Great-Grandfather of Rebbe Yisrael of Ruzhin – First Edition, Ostroh, 1796 – Unique Copy with Title Pages for All Six Orders

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Mishnat Chachamim, novellae on the Six Orders of the Mishnah, Parts I-VI, by R. Meshulam Feivish HaLevi Horowitz of Kremenets. Ostroh: [Aharon son of Yonah, 1796]. First edition.
Approbations by the Noda BiYehuda, the Haflaah, R. Shaul Rabbi of Amsterdam, and other prominent rabbis.
The author, R. Meshulam Feivish HaLevi Horowitz (b. ca. 1710 – d. Kislev, between 1785 and 1790) was born in Kremenets (Eastern Galicia), and lived there his entire life teaching Torah. The Noda BiYehuda in his approbation uncharacteristically extols his virtues, comparing him to the Torah scholars of early generations.
His daughter married R. Avraham HaMalach, and was the grandmother of R. Yisrael of Ruzhin.
Signatures on leaves [2] and 1.

[3], 33; [1], 15; [1], 22; [1], 20; [1], 14, 21-24, 15-24; [1], 46 leaves. Extra copies of leaves 21-24 of Kodashim (bound out of sequence, after leaf 14). 19.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Minor wear to some leaves. Open tears and worming, affecting text, repaired in part. Paper repairs in several places. Leaves trimmed with damage to engraved borders of some title pages, and affecting headings in several places. Several leaves presumably supplied from a different copy. New leather binding.

This copy includes six title pages – one at the beginning of each order. The first is a general, illustrated title page. The next two are title pages printed especially for Orders Mo'ed and Nashim (bearing the titles of the orders). The fourth one, bound before Nezikin, is identical to the first illustrated title page. Orders Kodashim and Taharot open with non-illustrated title pages.

The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book records a copy with four title pages only (without title pages of Kodashim and Taharot).

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