Auction 83 - Part I - Rare and Important Items

Miniature Manuscript on Parchment – Order of Brit Milah, Pitum HaKetoret for a Plague and Various Kabbalistic Prayers – Italy, 18th Century – The Uzielli Family of Florence

Opening: $1,000
Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000
Sold for: $18,750
Including buyer's premium
Miniature manuscript on parchment, with order of Brit Milah following Roman rite, kabbalistic prayer orders for various occasions, and more. [Italy, ca. 18th century].
Thin parchment. Square, vocalized script. Instructions in semi-cursive (Rashi) Sephardic script.
The manuscript contains:
• Order of Brit Milah, including many prayers and piyyutim, including the Maskil Michtam Shiro Re'im piyyut by R. Mordechai Lattes (part of which was customarily recited in Rome on the Shabbat before a Brit Milah; in the present manuscript it appears in its full version). The order of Brit Milah concludes with the Eftach BeFi Aggid Tehilatecha piyyut by R. Binyamin HaKohen Vitali – the Rabach (disciple of R. Moshe Zacuto), to be recited by the mohel prior to the circumcision. • Prayers for epidemics and illnesses: Pitum HaKetoret recited during a plague, prayer for smallpox. • Arvit prayer for Passover with the Leil Shimurim piyyutim. • Hatarat Nedarim recited on Erev Yom Kippur. • Kavanat HaTekiot – Shofar blowing for Rosh Hashana, with kabbalistic prayers and kavanot, including the accurate text of the Arizal's prayer for shofar blowing. • Tashlich, and other kabbalistic prayers.
Gilt decorations on binding. Coat of arms of the Uzielli family of Florence on front and back boards.
[82] written (parchment) leaves + approx. 20 blank parchment leaves. Approx. 9.5 cm. Good condition. Stains (some leaves with many stains). Creases. Original leather binding.
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