Auction 83 - Part I - Rare and Important Items

Miniature Manuscript on Parchment – Order of Brit Milah Following Roman Rite – Italy, 18th Century

Opening: $1,000
Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000
Sold for: $5,250
Including buyer's premium
Miniature manuscript on parchment, order of Brit Milah following Roman rite. [Italy, ca. 18th century].
Thin parchment. Square, vocalized script. Instructions in semi-cursive (Rashi) Sephardic script. Some initial panels and emphasized letters in gold ink.
Includes various prayers and piyyutim for a Brit Milah, including the piyyut Maskil Michtam Shiro Re'im by R. Mordechai Lattes (part of which was customarily recited in Rome on the Shabbat before a Brit Milah; in the present manuscript it appears in its full version).
Order of recital of the name Eliyahu (to be recited 130 times if the time allows) – list of 133(!) different combinations of the letters forming the name Eliyahu.
The piyyut Eftach Befi Aggid Tehilatecha by R. Binyamin HaKohen Vitali – the Rabach (disciple of R. Moshe Zacuto) is scribed at the end of the manuscript, introduced by the inscription: "This piyyut is founded upon the heights of holiness, including all the secrets of Milah, for the mohel to recite prior to the circumcision so that his service be accepted willingly and he see success in everything he does, composed by the kabbalist R. Binyamin HaKohen".
[26] written (parchment) leaves + [2] blank parchment leaves. 9 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases. Original leather binding, with gilt decorations (and the initials "E. A. P."); minor defects to binding.
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