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A Map of Jerusalem, from the "Civitates Orbis Terarrum" Atlas – Köln, 1575 – Hand-Colored Engraving

Opening: $400
Hierosolyma Urbs Sancta, Iudeae, Totiusque Orientis Longe Clarissima, qua amplitudine ac magnificentia hoc nostro aevo conspicua est [Holy City of Jerusalem, by far the most famous city of Judah and the entire Orient…]. A hand-colored engraving from the Atlas "Civitates Orbis Terrarum" by Georg Braun and engraver Franz Hogenberg. [Köln, 1575]. Latin.
A bird's eye view of Jerusalem from the east. The map was intended to be a realistic representation of the city (unlike imaginary maps depicting Jerusalem in ancient times), but follows some contradictory conventions, such as depicting the southern front of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher although generally portraying the city from the east. Inset key listing 48 sites in Jerusalem and its surroundings. Top verse from the book of Ezekiel (Latin): "This is Jerusalem, I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries are round about her".
Five figures in oriental dress are seen in the foreground of the map. Numerous maps in "Civitates Orbis Terarrum" depict figures in local attire. As stated in the introduction by editor Georg Braun, this was meant to prevent the Turks from obtaining military secrets from the atlas, "as their religion forbids them from looking at representations of the human form".
Latin text on verso: "Hierosolyma".
Leaf: approx. 41.5X54.5 cm (two conjoined sheets). Matted (with strips of tape to upper edge). Good-fair condition. Browned. Several small holes and small tears (slightly affecting the engraving).
Literature: Jerusalem in Braun & Hogenberg Civitates, by Rehav Rubin. The Cartographic Journal, 1996. pp. 119-129.
Laor 1040.
Jerusalem and the Temple – Maps and Prints
Jerusalem and the Temple – Maps and Prints